From a labor export center under Proshipser, in 2015, the company established Proshipser Human Resource Development Company (PHRD) with its main business activities is labour export, vocational training and study abroad consultant.



        PHRD has a lot of experience in training and supplying labor resources. We have sent workers to Japan, Singapore, Malaysia and India market. In particular, more than 300  workers are provided for Jupiter and Star Cruise (Malaysia) passenger ships.


        Currently, PHRD is focusing on supplying labor to the Japanese market; by 2018, the company has brought to Japan nearly 500 trainees. The workers from the company have good foreign language skills, high workmanship to meet the requirements of employers and especially labor discipline compliance and strict obedience to the laws of the host countries. For more information, please visit or Facebook fanpage: Proshipser Human Resources Development JSC-phrd


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