PROSHIPSER Saigon Shipping Services and Travel Joint Stock Company (abbreviated as PSC), which was formerly as a one-member limited liability company, established in 1987 and transformed into joint stock company in 2009.

PROSHIPSER is a multidisciplinary professional service company with following main activities:

  • - Maritime services, supply vessel and offshore oil services.
  • - Travel and airline ticket agency services.
  • - Run business on restaurant service.
  • - Transport passengers with high-speed hydrofoil
  • - Petroleum business.
  • - Labor export services, vocational training and study abroad counseling.


PROSHIPSER is organized in the form of parent company with the following member companies:

1. Viettourist Trading and Tourism Joint Stock Company 

With the slogan "Miraculous from the difference" staff of Viettourist Trading and Tourism Joint Stock Company (a member company of the company) have created the difference by the professional and dedicated to their customers, the difference is also reflected in the creativity in new and attractive tourism products for all travel activities.

Viettourist travel agency with website: - hotline: 19001868 is a professional organizer for all types of tour:

  • - Domestic tours (for both international and domestic visitors)

  • - Abroad tours.

  • - Conference and event tour.

  • - Special tour (adventure, golf, resort ...).

  • - The center has served many domestic and foreign tourist groups and gained trust and credibility from customers.


2.  Proshipser Human Resource Development Joint Stock Company

        Proshipser Human Resource Development Joint Stock Company (PHRD) is one of Proshipser's member companies, which is established in 2015 from the company's Labor Export Center with the immediate objective of focusing on selection and training trainees who are brought to the Japanese labor market.

        Since its establishment, each year the company has sent workers in Japan around 200 trainees. Due to good working from the selection, training to the appointment of representatives in Japan and the connection, close coordination between the Board of Directors and the unions as well as employers in Japan, the trainees of the company have good moral qualities, hard working attitude, strict observance of labor discipline as well as the laws of the host country, they are highly appreciated by the Department of Overseas Labour of Ministry of Labour, War invalids and Social Affairs, and always keep reputation with unions and employers in Japan.



        Proshipser Human Resource Development Joint Stock Company is growing and expanding and always wants to cooperate with domestic and foreign partners to develop together.




3.  Nam Hai Shipping Joint Stock Company 



         Nam Hai Shipping Joint Stock Company was established in 2008 with the main business activities of towing ships as well as other domestic and international waterway vehicles. In addition to towing duties, the company's tug boats have for many years been involved in activities for offshore oil exploration. The company is one of the most experienced and reputable companies in the these fields.